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Rebecca Z.

Local Hotel Manager

Chicken Ginger Detox Soup





Michelle F.

Customer and Wellness Physician





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I was actually meaning to write an e-mail. I am thoroughly enjoying the meals! They are delicious and filling and of a great variety. I like the peace of mind that I feel knowing that I'm eating healthy and doing an act of kindness to my body. So far all have been amazing. I remember walking away from my lunch yesterday saying to myself "man that was good". So, I'm very happy with the quality and variety of the meals. I've been looking for healthy but delicious meals for a while and I think I've found what I'm looking for.

Thank you for your hard work and your vision. May you get success!. I'm telling a lot of people I know about OrganiSoul and there is a good buzz going about here at work about your restaurant.

Thanks again. I really look forward to eating the remaining meals.

Dr. Mansur